“Design Avenue. A Path to Meaningful Innovation”

20 Apr




Participants Confirmed for Design Avenue: Icsid Interdesign Workshop in Monterrey

A total of 48 outstanding designers and other related specialists have confirmed their participation for “Design Avenue”, an Icsid Inderdesign workshop in Monterrey, Mexico.

Taking place from 25 May – 5 June 2009, participants will arrive from 17 different countries, including Argentina, Botswana, Canada, Chile, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Iran, Irland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

These participants have been carefully selected from over a 100 hundred applications from 28 countries.

Working under the main theme, “Design transforms knowledge into meaningful innovation” these participants will break into five multi-disciplinary teams to show the value of design in a city that has openly declared its vocation to knowledge.

A strong selection of group leaders and technical specialists will work with the teams over the course of the two-week workshops.

“Design Avenue. A Path to Meaningful Innovation”

The Design Avenue is a metaphor that can be used in a figurative way to suggest means to find value innovation for any product or service through design. At the same time, Design Avenue is used as a term related to a public transport route in which all the elements contained there-in will be designed within a value innovation frame work.

Thats awesome to see Turkeys name as a participant between 17 different countries!

For more information please check http://www.interdesignmty2009.com/


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