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VA 204 Final Project-Portraits

30 Jun


This is my final project for lesson VA 204 Language of Drawing II.In this project we all drew our self portraits on mat 60X80 with soft pastels. The style was free so the colors we used changed from person to person.I prefered to work realistic and that’s the result…


Understanding Structure and Sculpture-VA 202 Final Project

14 Jun




This is my compass! In this final project our aim is to understand and practice structure and the material by creating a sculptural object. We used magnification,subtraction and addition techniques by using the material sytrofoam. My compass is magnified 13 times and it became approximately 135 cm as height. I made 23 parts to come together and tried to make it as much similar to its original. I aimed to make it stand on its half circle but couldn’t so made it hung on the ceiling and gave it a sculptural sense.

Architecture + Art

14 Jun

Crossover and Collaboration


Teddy Cruz and Pedro Reyes have a history of collaboration that extends back several years, including the “Conflict Resolution” exhibition for the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008.

Their shared investigations into design strategies for social transformation in globalized times propose a new synthesis for art and architecture.

Their “micropolicies” examine how to resolve the urban, in sites ranging from the borderlands between Mexico and the USA to post-conflict Iraq, treating the later as a case-study in conflict, mediation and facilitation.

Research into “top down” versus “bottom up” planning and action, and informal and alternative solutions, see the two combining their respective disciplines knowledge into a search for solutions at an urban level, and proposing a new relationship between art and the public.


DesignBoost 2009

7 Jun


DesignBoost 2009 Will Focus on Design for Life

The theme for the first Designboost key event, DesignBoost 2007, was “sustainable design“. Year two, DesignBoost 2008, focused on sustainable cities with the theme “Long live the city“. This year DesignBoost will go deeper and look into sustainable life with a theme called “Design for Life“.

October 14-16 Designboost presents DesignBoost 2009 “Design for Life” in Malmo through a variety of integrated BoostChat (workshops), BoostTalk (lectures) and a BoostShow (exhibition).

When it comes to sustainable life there are probably many things that needs to be questioned, left could very well be right.

The objective of DesignBoost 2009 is to make everybody question, reach awareness and think in new paths when it comes to creating better lives for lots of people. This is after all the ultimate goal for all design.

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Bringing Lightness to Everyday Objects

3 Jun


What is “airmail”?

Airmail is an exhibition with new objects dealing with the idea of weight, or rather the absence of it, in design. Lightness has been often used to measure progress in society (e.g. aircrafts or architectural structures.), and its relation with mobility is as old as mankind.
A relation that recently is leading to mobile devices where the convergence of functions suggest that we could, one day, have function without matter.
Probably as a reaction to that, there is being an increase in the production of heavily crafted objects and the revival of pattern and decoration.
Between this progress-based idea of doing more with less, and the heavily handcrafted pieces “Airmail” finds its place. “Airmail” features experiments, interpretations, and developments on the idea of lightness in its broader meaning.

Alan Aldridge: The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes

2 Jun


Alan Aldridge embodied the spirit of the 60s and 70s. His evocative, psychedelic images epitomised the feeling and art of an era.
As The Beatles lead an unstoppable assault on the global charts, it was Aldridge’s designs and visual identity that defined The Beatles image and music in a changing world. Still busy creating today, he was responsible for the look of the House of Blues in Los Angeles, Aldridge is an artist, an illustrator, a graphic designer, art director and film maker.
He masterminded the seminal art book The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics and designed Andy Warhol’s iconic Chelsea Girls film poster.
As Art Director at Penguin, Aldridge produced ground- breaking covers. Commissions for The Rolling Stones, Elton John and illustrations for the award-winning children’s book The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshoppers Feast will be included in the exhibition, the first complete retrospective of Aldridge’s work in the UK.
About exhibition;
This exhibition will cover Aldridge’s career to date, from the early 60s when his whirling designs refreshed the somber tone of Penguin book covers, to his collaborations with The Beatles and their Apple record company, through to serving as creative director to the original Hard Rock Cafe.
Commissions from Andy Warhol, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Elton John and The House of Blues will also be on display alongside photographs, sketch books and illustrations from his seminal children’s books.

Mariscal: Drawing Life

2 Jun
The Design Museum presents the first UK retrospective of Spanish designer and artist Javier Mariscal. Regarded as one
the world’s most innovative and original designers of our time, Mariscal’s rich and diverse body of work spans kooky cartoon characters to stunning interiors, from furniture to graphic design and corporate identities.
The exhibition and graphics will be designed by Mariscal, promising an immersive experience for the visitor into the world and mind of Mariscal.
The exhibition space will be a fully illustrated environment, rich with orchestrated scenarios and installations, each telling the story of Mariscal’s pivotal projects, designs and the drawings that shaped them.
Sketches, designs, films and photographs will be on display alongside furniture and textiles.
Mariscal will also design and paint an elaborate mural for the exterior of the Design Museum showcasing his unique vision and signature design style.

Mariscal’s intense relationship with drawing and illustration;
is central to his career and has become the basis for his designs over the last 30 years. He gave Barcelona its graphic identity as it emerged from the Franco era, illustrating a sunny and optimistic city full of possibilities. In 1992 he introduced the world to Cobi, the official Olympic mascot of the Barcelona games. Mariscal has designed furniture for leading manufacturers such as Moroso and Magis, created interiors for bars and hotels as well as a retail and graphic identity for Camper and the interior of the recently opened H&M flagship store in Barcelona.