DesignBoost 2009

7 Jun


DesignBoost 2009 Will Focus on Design for Life

The theme for the first Designboost key event, DesignBoost 2007, was “sustainable design“. Year two, DesignBoost 2008, focused on sustainable cities with the theme “Long live the city“. This year DesignBoost will go deeper and look into sustainable life with a theme called “Design for Life“.

October 14-16 Designboost presents DesignBoost 2009 “Design for Life” in Malmo through a variety of integrated BoostChat (workshops), BoostTalk (lectures) and a BoostShow (exhibition).

When it comes to sustainable life there are probably many things that needs to be questioned, left could very well be right.

The objective of DesignBoost 2009 is to make everybody question, reach awareness and think in new paths when it comes to creating better lives for lots of people. This is after all the ultimate goal for all design.

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