Examples from Wolda Winners

15 Feb

Wolda Professional awards

Best of the World/ Best of Oceania/ Best of Australia

Logo name: One Degree
Nation: Australia
Agency: Landor Associates
Designer(s): Jason Little, Tim Warren, Steve Clarke, Mike Staniford
Client: News Limited
Description: In 2007, Rupert Murdoch laid down the challenge for News Limited and its associated global businesses to become carbon neutral by 2010. The challenge was to create a brand that would materially help drive employee, supplier and public action on climate change. One Degree has been developed on a simple premise: that if everyone were to change their behavior by just one degree, we can change the future of the planet. The logo combines both the number and the degree symbol, which together represent a person. In doing so, it neatly encapsulates the real impact that an individual can start to make in addressing climate change.

Wolda Professional awards

Best of Americas /  Best of United States

Logo name: Sapka Hat Design
Nation: United States
Agency: Deniz Marlali
Designer(s): Deniz Marlali
Client: Hats By Aysel / Aysel Ormanbaba
Description: Sapka means “hat” in Turkish. Logo and identity design for a vintage style ‘hat’ designer. The name comes from the turkish word, originally without any diacritic marks on top. In the logo, the word “sapka” is indicated with accent letters and changes into another language which does not exist yet.

Logo name: Manz Gartenwelt
Nation: Germany
Agency: Kommunikation & Design
Designer(s): Ingo Blum, Sandra Tröndle, Alexandra Gröber (Head of Creation)
Client: Manz Gartenwelt
Description: Manz is a specialist for garden and plants with a tree nursery adjoining. The logo symbolizes trees and nature and is based on the effect of a kaleidoscope. Moreover the simple and modular way the logo is build up with squares, allows an easy extrapolation into other media and commercials and assures easy recognition. The colors are picked by nature and fresh (green) as well as “rooted to the soil” (brown), because the soil is very important for growing of plants.

Wolda Professional awards Best of Japan

Logo name: studio neo
Nation: Japan
Agency: studio Neo
Designer(s): Sachiyo Inami, Yoshiki Shindo
Client: studio Neo
Description: The logo was created for a Tokyo-based design company which specializes in web site production and graphics, particularly architectural related works.


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