Do you know about online laundries?

15 Apr

In Italy, there is very low penetration and awareness of online laundries. Their task was to create awareness and engage the target by stressing the two main benefits of this essential service: Speed and simplicity. The identified a niche target among young managers and professionals: these busy individuals work long hours and have difficulty finding an open shop when they leave their office. They mailed 1,000 targeted DMs. Because their target was time strapped, they strove to relieve their everyday pressures by making the package both fun and engaging. And if they enjoyed it… they’d actually need their service! Why? Because they encouraged them to splat a tomato. Whitin 4 weeks 32% of the recipients registered on the site, and 8% tried their service. The overall site traffic increased by 15%.

Agency: DDB Group Milan, Italy.


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