“A second year undergraduate “Visual Communication Design” student in Sabanci University who tries to meet the world!=)

I admit that I don’t know anything about creating a blog but I realized that when you start being busy with it you really enjoy! In this blog you can reach my works for typography lessons and  possibly some of my basic design works and drawings.Besides that I decided to share the works that I’m interested in. They can be anything tagged under categories such as architecture, design, advertisement, photography,fashion and so on. The aim is to put as much effort as I can to reach the best, so open to any comments that will help me in that sense.”

I have said last year. Now there is a bit difference in the situation. I’m a third year student who has more clear aims and wishes about being best in the  visual communication era. In that sense I’m having illustration,photography,interface,interaction design,advanced drawing and project studio lessons and I want to share some of my works through my blog. Hope to get good returns… So one more time hi!

– Ezgi Didem Dağcı

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