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I love bioscience (not really) :)

2 Jul

I’m totally not interested in engineering stuff but if I see such kind of entrance to a faculty of bioscience engineering I’ll dive into it! Very nice design with a simple idea.


Architecture + Art

14 Jun

Crossover and Collaboration


Teddy Cruz and Pedro Reyes have a history of collaboration that extends back several years, including the “Conflict Resolution” exhibition for the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008.

Their shared investigations into design strategies for social transformation in globalized times propose a new synthesis for art and architecture.

Their “micropolicies” examine how to resolve the urban, in sites ranging from the borderlands between Mexico and the USA to post-conflict Iraq, treating the later as a case-study in conflict, mediation and facilitation.

Research into “top down” versus “bottom up” planning and action, and informal and alternative solutions, see the two combining their respective disciplines knowledge into a search for solutions at an urban level, and proposing a new relationship between art and the public.


Bringing Lightness to Everyday Objects

3 Jun


What is “airmail”?

Airmail is an exhibition with new objects dealing with the idea of weight, or rather the absence of it, in design. Lightness has been often used to measure progress in society (e.g. aircrafts or architectural structures.), and its relation with mobility is as old as mankind.
A relation that recently is leading to mobile devices where the convergence of functions suggest that we could, one day, have function without matter.
Probably as a reaction to that, there is being an increase in the production of heavily crafted objects and the revival of pattern and decoration.
Between this progress-based idea of doing more with less, and the heavily handcrafted pieces “Airmail” finds its place. “Airmail” features experiments, interpretations, and developments on the idea of lightness in its broader meaning.

“What does it mean to be a ‘visionary’ architect?”

29 Mar


Zaha Hadid is a notable British Iraqi deconstructivist architect who consistently pushes the boundaries of architecture and urban design.



 Zaha Hadid’s built work has won her much academic and public acclaim. Her best known projects to date are the Vitra Fire Station and the LFone pavilion in Weil am Rhein, Germany (1993/1999), a housing project for IBA-Block 2 in Berlin, Germany (1993), the Mind Zone at the Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London, UK (1999), a TramStation and Car Park in Strasbourg, France (2001), a Ski Jump in Innsbruck, Austria (2002) and the Contemporary Arts Centre, Cincinnati, US (2003).

She has also completed furniture and interiors: Bitar, London(1985); Moonsoon Restaurant, Sapporo (1990); Z-Play (2002) and Z-Scape (2000) furniture manufactured by Sawaya and Moroni; and the Tea and Coffee Towers for Alessi (2003). Her temporary structures include: Folly in Osaka (1990); Music Video Pavilion in Groningen, Netherlands (1990); a Pavilion for Blueprint Magazine at Interbuild, Birmingham (1995); the installation Meshworks at the Villa Medici, Rome, Italy (2000) the summer pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery, London, UK (2000); and the R. Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain (2001); and a snow and ice installation at the Snow Show, Lapland (2004).

 Best known for her seminal built works (Vitra Fire Station, Land Formation-One, Bergisel Ski Jump,Strasbourg Tram Station and Rosenthal Centre for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati) her central concerns involve a simultaneous engagement in practice, teaching and research. stage sets: Pet Shop Boys World Tour (1999/2000); Metapolis, for Charleroi Dance.

I really like her style… She combines sharp edges and flexible curves to create a balance between two contrasts.Forbes announced her as one of the world’s 100 most powerful women and I think she really deserves  it because she is the first woman architect who won Pritzker Architecture Award. (^ Forbes: The World’s 100 Most  Powerful Women) To know about her current projects I suggest you to visit her website You’ll see that she also has a verywell designed personal site …


Francesco Gatti associates colours to the objects he designs…

19 Mar

Maybe because my mother is architect I’m always interested in new trends related to architecture and get pleasure to go over all architecture and design magazines to see what’s going on at that time throughout the world! While I was looking at that kind of a magazine I met Francesco Gatti; a very different style. His transformation projects such as “Red Object” really get my attention and I decided to make a detailed search about him. The result that I got was not much surprising and his website very much answered many of my questions. I suggest you to look at his projects, they’re amazing!

RED OBJECT, Italia Servizi Srl office (Shanghai - China), meeting room entrance - 2006

RED OBJECT, Italia Servizi Srl office (Shanghai - China), meeting room entrance - 2006

The project is to convert an ex factory into an office building in the centre of Shanghai…
RED OBJECT, Italia Servizi Srl office (Shanghai - China), concrete original column - 2006

RED OBJECT, Italia Servizi Srl office (Shanghai - China), concrete original column - 2006


RED OBJECT, Italia Servizi Srl office (Shanghai - China), reception desk - 2006

RED OBJECT, Italia Servizi Srl office (Shanghai - China), reception desk - 2006