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Magazine Design- Content Proposal

24 Mar

As the second project of  VA 302 class we are expected to design a multipage magazine for our second hand and design shop “Bit Pazarı”.The starting point is going to be naming it. I came up with some possible names as; “dükkan”, “tezgah”, “bit kadar” and liked “tezgah”at most.It evokes me the variety and shopping. For the second step; before setting up a system it is important to decide on the content of the magazine. In “tezgah”, I’ll have 3 department and 5 feature parts.

The departments are going to be the index,reader’s designs and notes and the astrology part.Then I decided to have 5 features which will be consist of urban life style, fashion shot, interview with designers, music and blog.

To be more specific let’s have a deeper look at all the content.


1)Index-team information

  • Meaning that the editor,creative department,advertisement department,art director etc. information
  • There may be the editor’s note as a thin column beside or as a new page.

2)Readers’ Designs and Notes

  • We are very used to see readers’letters as a department in many of the women magazines so to create a new interest for the reader it can be changed into the design&notes instead of complaining or thankful letters.


  • For fun or real interest, I see that most of the people care what astrology says.


1)Urban Life Style

  • The fashion followers mostly care what the others wear, how they live, what they watch etc.Under this feature there may be most popular film, book etc. and the advises to add on season’s to do list.

2)Fashion shot

  • Photos from professional fashion photographers. (maybe related to the Bit Pazarı that season’s new designs)

3)Interview with designers

  • In this part for my mag it is not important to have a famous name, he/she can be one of Bitpazarı designers.


  • I think music is very much related to the notion of  “style”. The people who have a flavor of music, shape their life styles according to it. For example; many people are influenced by the punk,electronic or indie scene and demonstrate the effect of the music scene on individuals.


  • Keeping a blog in which you can find anything about fashion and life styles became very popular these days. So adding such a feature that is chosen by the editor for the season can be fun and interesting I think. This can be a collective blog like or just personal like


And overall for the cover I am really not much sure but want to go with such an idea that the music magazine bant has done for all of their issues; using a design. It can be anything; illustration,graphic design,poster kind,handmade art etc. with just the logo and the issue number on it.(ex.11)


Looking Out For a Messenger Pack?

7 Oct

One of my friend suggested me to log in to a site which he thought because I’m interested in design I would like.So i did and just fascinated by the products. FREITAG has been manufacturing bags and accessories for women and men since 1993. Their materials are used, having seen service on the road. They are well-travelled truck tarpaulins, unravelled seat belts, bicycle inner tubes beyond repair, recycled airbags.They apply their recycled materials in a totally new way, insisting on superlative design and functionality. Every FREITAG product is made from original tarpaulins of different colours, markings and contours. So every FREITAG product is a one-off.
FREITAG bags are on sale at their online shop, in their FREITAG Flagship Shops (Berlin, Davos, Hamburg, Cologne and Zurich) and in 300 shops round the world. As my friend did to me I suggest you to have a look at it!


2009 Parsons Fashion Benefit Honored Calvin Klein’s Tom Murry and Francisco Costa

19 May

More news from Parsons:This time in the sense of fashion!


Parsons The New School for Design honored Tom Murry, President & CEO of Calvin Klein, Inc., and Francisco Costa, the company’s Women’s Creative Director for Calvin Klein Collection at its 2009 Parsons Fashion Benefit at Cipriani Wall Street.
Each year the event celebrates visionaries who have significantly contributed to the field of fashion design, as well as presents the top student collections including Parsons Designers of the Year.
Chairman, President & CEO of Macy’s Terry Lundgren presented Mr. Murry with his honorary award, while Vogue’s Editor-at-Large Andre Leon Talley bestowed Mr. Costa with his award.
This year, Parsons presented New York Times Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn with the first Student Icon Award, which is given by the graduating class to a powerful voice in the fashion community that inspires and influences their work.
Additionally, Parsons Alumnus Peter Som presented a short film about Parsons.
“We are honored to celebrate the achievements of Francisco Costa and Tom Murry in fashion design and their success in branding and retail,” said New School President Bob Kerrey.
“Both Tom and Francisco have shown through their actions that they know that the design industry can only remain viable when it keeps evolving.
They also recognize that nurturing and cultivating the future talent is essential to business success.”

Floppy Diskettes Reborn in Fashion

22 Apr




Floppy Diskettes Reborn in Fashion

Some early computer enthusiasts probably found it sad to witness the demise of the floppy disk. The original 8-inch storage device was made smaller and smaller until it was eventually scrapped in favor of compact discs. But for the sake of recycling and geeky fashion, the floppy diskette has been reborn as a bracelet.

Designed by jewelry maker Oxx-An Alleweireldt, the diskette bracelet takes the shape of a floppy flower sewn onto a cotton band, and it would most likely be seen on the wrists of green fashionistas or computer lovers who’d also don keyboard button earrings or circuitboard cufflinks.

cufflinks buttonearrings

For a price of almost $110, perhaps the bracelet is trendier than it seems. A smaller version is available for $87, and each bracelet is handmade to order.

If you are more into vinyl than computers, Alleweridelt also makes bracelets from old records and conflict-free diamonds, for $218



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