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Typografic Illustrations

3 May

This is how typography can be visualized! Here are some of a successfull typographer and illustrator Alex Trochut’s works.


Bananas have emotions!

26 Apr

Since 1963 Chiquita bananas are well known for their iconic blue sticker featuring a fruit-carrying woman. DJ Neff created new stickers lately! He transforms each banana into a different emotional characters. These 25 characters also get into the online video game where they dance battle it out against one another. Just have fun!

“The quick brown fox”

16 Apr

Pangram is a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once and they are used to display typefaces and test equipment.

The quick brown fox is the most used in english.

El joven emponzoñado is the most used in spanish.

El veloz muricelago hindú is longer but it has all letters, signs and accents.

Here are the pics which visualize these pangrams taken from urikane website.

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Let me introduce you a designer

5 Apr

Candaş Şişman is a young freelance designer who deals with multimedia design. After his education of fine arts he continued his undergraduation in animation department. Holland is his last education stop where he started dealing with multimedia design. Here are his works to be appreciated…

An animated gif paranoia about nonstop design workers

18 Mar

I’m just very impressed with those works and really enjoy following them!

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10 images for Ithaca

10 Mar

While searching around I faced to an open poster design competition for an island Ithaca and when I got into the site saw lots of different and joyful designs.

“Ten Images for Ithaca” is a poster competition. It began in 2002, by Fimios, Cultural Events of the Municipality of Ithaca, Greece, as an attempt to reinforce the cultural profile of the island, through the applied arts. Throughout the years, the competition has evolved to a whole group of events and exhibitions, so that, today, it is considered a point of interest for professionals, students and, generally, people that are interested in graphic arts. The contest’s main goal is not only to accent Ithaca as a meeting point for creative people from all over the planet, but, also, to help create ideas that promote the art of visual communication.

These ten are the last year’s winners:

1)Lorans Duplan

2)Fang Yi Liu

3)Prem Balasubramanian

4)Tina Mampel

5)Athanasios Davlouros

6)Efi Iliadou

7)Lorans Duplan

8)Rodrigo Machado

9)Ian Noble


Postcard of a Painting

7 Jan

cover and illustrations by driemaandelijks for a magazine

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