Natural World Aesthetics//Alex Kopps

9 May

Alex Kopps attended school at The California College of Arts in San Francisco, where he continues to live and work as an artist. Alex’s visual art consists of paintings with gouache on wood and paper with subject matter that is largely nonobjective but aesthetically has strong ties to the natural world. When in the gallery, he tends towards installation using diverse materials such as live grass, scrap wood, and sewn together US currency that he cuts into silhouette form or more recently has sewn into makeshift clothing.

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Ads that we pay attention on

6 May

We all watch advertisements but pay attention on just few of them. Here are some impressive examples from advertisement photography field. For more:

Typografic Illustrations

3 May

This is how typography can be visualized! Here are some of a successfull typographer and illustrator Alex Trochut’s works.


28 Apr

The Mac (El Mac) is a street artist who makes magnificent paintings on the walls. These huge paintings just fascinate his followers and as a new follower me! I just share some of his works and photos taken while he was working. He has lots more to be looked at!

Bananas have emotions!

26 Apr

Since 1963 Chiquita bananas are well known for their iconic blue sticker featuring a fruit-carrying woman. DJ Neff created new stickers lately! He transforms each banana into a different emotional characters. These 25 characters also get into the online video game where they dance battle it out against one another. Just have fun!

“The quick brown fox”

16 Apr

Pangram is a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once and they are used to display typefaces and test equipment.

The quick brown fox is the most used in english.

El joven emponzoñado is the most used in spanish.

El veloz muricelago hindú is longer but it has all letters, signs and accents.

Here are the pics which visualize these pangrams taken from urikane website.

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Do you know about online laundries?

15 Apr

In Italy, there is very low penetration and awareness of online laundries. Their task was to create awareness and engage the target by stressing the two main benefits of this essential service: Speed and simplicity. The identified a niche target among young managers and professionals: these busy individuals work long hours and have difficulty finding an open shop when they leave their office. They mailed 1,000 targeted DMs. Because their target was time strapped, they strove to relieve their everyday pressures by making the package both fun and engaging. And if they enjoyed it… they’d actually need their service! Why? Because they encouraged them to splat a tomato. Whitin 4 weeks 32% of the recipients registered on the site, and 8% tried their service. The overall site traffic increased by 15%.

Agency: DDB Group Milan, Italy.