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10 images for Ithaca

10 Mar

While searching around I faced to an open poster design competition for an island Ithaca and when I got into the site saw lots of different and joyful designs.

“Ten Images for Ithaca” is a poster competition. It began in 2002, by Fimios, Cultural Events of the Municipality of Ithaca, Greece, as an attempt to reinforce the cultural profile of the island, through the applied arts. Throughout the years, the competition has evolved to a whole group of events and exhibitions, so that, today, it is considered a point of interest for professionals, students and, generally, people that are interested in graphic arts. The contest’s main goal is not only to accent Ithaca as a meeting point for creative people from all over the planet, but, also, to help create ideas that promote the art of visual communication.

These ten are the last year’s winners:

1)Lorans Duplan

2)Fang Yi Liu

3)Prem Balasubramanian

4)Tina Mampel

5)Athanasios Davlouros

6)Efi Iliadou

7)Lorans Duplan

8)Rodrigo Machado

9)Ian Noble



DesignBoost 2009

7 Jun


DesignBoost 2009 Will Focus on Design for Life

The theme for the first Designboost key event, DesignBoost 2007, was “sustainable design“. Year two, DesignBoost 2008, focused on sustainable cities with the theme “Long live the city“. This year DesignBoost will go deeper and look into sustainable life with a theme called “Design for Life“.

October 14-16 Designboost presents DesignBoost 2009 “Design for Life” in Malmo through a variety of integrated BoostChat (workshops), BoostTalk (lectures) and a BoostShow (exhibition).

When it comes to sustainable life there are probably many things that needs to be questioned, left could very well be right.

The objective of DesignBoost 2009 is to make everybody question, reach awareness and think in new paths when it comes to creating better lives for lots of people. This is after all the ultimate goal for all design.

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Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2009

20 Apr



Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2009

Particularly in times of crisis, a coherent brand presence becomes a survival strategy and successful communication design one of the most important differentiating tools for surviving in the market. However, good achievement always requires international comparison: as of now, designers, advertising agencies, and clients from all around the world are invited to enter their works to the red dot award: communication design 2009.

An international jury will assess the works and the best will receive the “red dot”. Students and young designers can participate with their works in the red dot: junior award. Good design achievements receive the “red dot” quality label, outstanding works the “red dot: best of the best”. Among all these works a “red dot: junior prize” is awarded to the best student work.

The prize money amounts to 10,000 euro.
Deadline for registration is June 10, 2009




Don’t you interested in to be the winner of the “junior prize”. Just go and register http://www.registration.cd.red-dot.de/