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VA 204 Final Project-Portraits

30 Jun


This is my final project for lesson VA 204 Language of Drawing II.In this project we all drew our self portraits on mat 60X80 with soft pastels. The style was free so the colors we used changed from person to person.I prefered to work realistic and that’s the result…


Understanding Structure and Sculpture-VA 202 Final Project

14 Jun




This is my compass! In this final project our aim is to understand and practice structure and the material by creating a sculptural object. We used magnification,subtraction and addition techniques by using the material sytrofoam. My compass is magnified 13 times and it became approximately 135 cm as height. I made 23 parts to come together and tried to make it as much similar to its original. I aimed to make it stand on its half circle but couldn’t so made it hung on the ceiling and gave it a sculptural sense.