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Ads that we pay attention on

6 May

We all watch advertisements but pay attention on just few of them. Here are some impressive examples from advertisement photography field. For more: http://www.advertography.com


Handwritten famous logos

8 Dec

When logos look alike | Logo Design Love

8 Dec

When logos look alike | Logo Design Love.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to execute original logo designs. No matter how clever your idea, the chances are someone has created a very similar logo. Why is that?

Well, we’re all surrounded by the same influences and exposed to the same shapes, forms, and patterns. With the importance of branding in the marketplace, and thousands of designers working on similar projects, it’s obvious that ideas will, from time-to-time, look almost identical.

Sumpter & Gonzalez LLP and Stylegala

Carrier and Ford

pseudoroom design and Cyberathlete Professional League

Sinar Mas and Airbus

Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers