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Egosound Shapes

10 Jun

Here comes an corporate identity work which is designed minimalistic. I liked the choice of colors and the link between the idea of sound and the shape. Both 3d model and print designs are joyful I think. Let’s have a look at..


The ABC’s of Branding poster | Logo Design Love

4 Jan

The ABC’s of Branding poster | Logo Design Love.

Lovely 18″x24″ poster by Orlando-based designer Jason Dean.

ABC Branding poster design

ABC Branding poster design

The logos are foil stamped and embossed, available as silver on black, or gold on cream. Notice how all 26 letters of the alphabet fit in a 5×5 grid?

ABC Branding poster design

ABC Branding poster design

The limited edition poster (500 prints of each) is being sold for $50 over at The Best Part shop, but Jason has kindly agreed to give away four posters (two of each colour) to Logo Design Love readers.

Thoughts about Pepsi | Logo Design Love

11 Dec

Thoughts about Pepsi | Logo Design Love.

I never prefer Pepsi beside Coca Cola but changing logo idea gets me interested in it. Between all above I choose the classic design .

When logos look alike | Logo Design Love

8 Dec

When logos look alike | Logo Design Love.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to execute original logo designs. No matter how clever your idea, the chances are someone has created a very similar logo. Why is that?

Well, we’re all surrounded by the same influences and exposed to the same shapes, forms, and patterns. With the importance of branding in the marketplace, and thousands of designers working on similar projects, it’s obvious that ideas will, from time-to-time, look almost identical.

Sumpter & Gonzalez LLP and Stylegala

Carrier and Ford

pseudoroom design and Cyberathlete Professional League

Sinar Mas and Airbus

Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers